Valentina Ven’s Bubbling Lava

Valentina Ven

Valentina Ven deconstructs the female body with her exploration of abstract textures and colors in this painting from her Feminine Universe collection. Ven, who was born in Spain, now spends her days painting in France. When she paints, she incorporates different types of paints from oils and pigments to Indian inks, creating a dynamic sense of texture. Ven uses this painting to expose the abstract world that exists under the woman’s smooth skin.

Shades of yellow, orange, and red pour into the right half of the woman’s torso as though there is lava bubbling just beneath the surface. The rest of this image is coated in cold blue and gray tones, increasing the intensity of the lava. This penetrating heat could exist separately from the woman, destroying her from the outside and taking her apart with a vigorous energy just as Ven does. On the other hand, the lava could originate from within the woman, representing her powerful emotion and inner potential for chaos which cannot be contained by her physical body. Within this woman, there is a capacity for demolition that Ven brings to the surface.

A sculpture-like recreation of the female torso makes up the left half of the body, contrasting with the deconstructed half directly next to it. Smooth textures and perfectly blended shades of blue and gray make this half of the woman seem as though it is made of stone. Likening the woman’s body to a sculpture is likening her to a marvelous artistic creation. Where fire and heat pierce the woman’s body on the right side, there is peace and stability on the left. Chaos and destruction meet harmony and creation. By placing this image in the Feminine Universe collection, Ven declares that femininity is defined by the bridging of these extremes. She shares her perception of femininity’s power and intensity with us, reminding us of the world that exists within women everywhere.

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Valentina Ven's Bubbling Lava
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Valentina Ven's Bubbling Lava
Chaos and destruction meet harmony and creation. Ven declares that femininity is defined by the bridging of these extremes.
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