Santosh Chattopadhyay’s Connection

Indian contemporary artist Santosh Chattopadhyay’s use of bright blues, yellows, reds and oranges highlight an incredibly intimate and peaceful scene. It seems like the spectator has trespassed upon an intensely private moment between these two figures. However, the use of these bright colours puts you at ease, to gaze a while on this bright and emotive scene.

The intense blue washes over like a wave. It insights a trust and a confidence between the two figures and a feeling of hyperactivity and giddiness in the viewer. The orange also engages a sort of fascination within the spectator. What is their relationship? Is there a secret being whispered to the other? While the blue and orange bring the viewer further into this picture, the red is there to remind us that these moments are fleeting. Red can symbolize love but it can also signify danger. These moments are short lived and although our lives can be filled with many of these stolen glances, they are never the same. Like the butterfly effect, and the butterflies in this piece, every moment is precious and unique.

Oh what a treat it is, to be so calm and at peace with another human being. Eyes closed, enjoying the serenity around them. To fit together for one single perfect moment. This painting freezes this interaction for eternity. It can be looked at as a something that is happening this very second, or as a memory, one which is cherished for a lifetime. This piece can be interpreted as a warning to never overlook the simple things. The big gestures will become a vague memory but moments like this, the smell of someone’s skin, touch, how you feel at that exact moment in time. These will never be forgotten. They remind us of a shared sense of connection with our emotions, our memories, and for one moment we can image that we were part of something bigger than ourselves.

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