Survival with Sandra Flood

A New Jersey native, Sandra Flood is a self-taught oil painter of emerging popularity and relevance. Working mostly with dark hues, shadowy figures and subjects with pained expressions, her many works might initially seem too macabre to fully understand. The subjects Flood paints all have untold stories of a shared theme: pain, and survival through it all.

Flood shows not the cold-hearted, monochromatic and typically dismal end-result of someone who has survived a lifetime of pain, but rather the weathered yet still hopeful one of someone who still has stories to tell. There is one distinct difference in Flood’s painting that truly stands out in such a powerful way: emotion thrives behind the determined look of a survivor. The woman, who is mostly covered and thus almost seems to become one with earth-toned scenery, hides her pain not out of fear, but much like a veteran who has already seen the unforgettable. Her clothing and stern look suggest she is able to look danger in the eye (or, in this case, over her shoulder) but through her own struggles has gained the wisdom to protect herself.

The subject reminds us that we all have experienced pain to some degree – but we cannot simply stop moving. It takes real strength to continue on and not afraid to embrace the future. Sandra Flood is asking us to be confident and rely on our newly found strength which is what will protect us moving forward.

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