Feminine, Sculpture

Femininity with Pietro Canonica

At our most vulnerable, how do we represent ourselves? This piece by Canonica explores these question. Built by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica (1869-1959), this sculpture entitled “Cristo Flagellato” roughly translates to “Christ Scourged” in English, although the marble sculpture’s humble and feminine subject doesn’t quite fit the ironic title. This bust captures this woman’s innermost identity in a very elegant and feminine way.

There is an incredible attention to detail in the subject’s clothes that drape and cling to her, enhancing the female form whilst the shadows guard her from total exposure. Her hair is natural and slightly unkempt with an array of slight curls that further shade her face. Her collarbone is so delicately sculpted, which in my personal opinion is the most feminine and beautiful part of the body. Her hand, where she rests her thoughtful head, has long and delicate fingers. To me all these intimate details expose this woman’s inner femininity and peace. A woman comfortable in her most natural form.

In Canonica’s work I see the inner peace that can be attained by the acceptance of one’s femininity and walk away feeling empowered by the the strength of the seemingly soft, and the peace that it can irradiate all around it.

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The Divine Feminine from David Reeser on Vimeo.