Mira Nedyalkova’s Sin

Mira Nedyalkova is a Bulgarian artist. She began as a painter, but soon moved into photography as her primary medium. The painterly influence stays with her, though, as she often uses Photoshop as a means to finish creating her images. Her pictures feature pale women, often in erotic positions that nevertheless seem sad or painful. They are often juxtaposed with some form of nature—occasionally animals or flowers, but with water as the most common by far.

This photograph is a part of Nedyalkova’s “Sin” collection. A woman, clad in a flowing white garment but with exposed breasts, floats on her back in the water while surrounded by leaves. Her head lolls with her eyes shut, one hand thrown beside her while another rests on her chest. Her skin is pale, with shadows around her eyes and the only bright color coming from her exposed nipple and weathered hands. Her hair is lost in the darkness of the water around her, a darkness that makes her light figure stand out all the more.

The woman seems almost deathlike in her sleep, like the darkness around her is going to consume her. The scene is ethereal and dreamlike, with the contrast of dark and light making it seem like the woman is floating in space as well as water. Even as an erotic figure, one who may have committed or being a victim of the titular “Sin,” she seems to be static, or sleeping. Despite the darkness of the title and the darkness of the background, she is pure white, a beacon of light and beauty in dismal surroundings. Whatever “Sin” was driven her to a long sleep, we can only hope she will one day awaken from it and share her light with others.

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