A Beautiful Mind

We live in a world where human emotion is difficult to convey to other humans. We are driven by coping mechanisms and the act of losing ourselves in any way possible. The notion of facing what hurts us and what scares us becomes too much to handle; instead we repress and use drugs, parties, and even other people as surrogates. We have an infinite amount of thoughts, feelings and words that we want to express but struggle to. We instantly become our own enemies, restricting our minds from loving and hurting and anything in between. When I first caught a glance at Barucchi’s poignant piece, I saw myself in a way. I saw a capture of the mind struggling to find a release of pent-up emotions, a catharsis that is much deserved and needed.

The streams of color that flow out of the temple of the girl’s forehead could symbolize the different emotions and thoughts she needs to let out. The temple of her forehead shines a bright white light, indicating how beautiful and exquisite our mind truly is. Barucchi uses white to potentially symbolize the peace that follows from releasing such pent-up emotions. The artist also brings forth the coexistence of so many different emotions. The possibility of being happy and sad simultaneously and being able to express such a coexistence.

The woman’s skin color, a beautiful rustic chocolate-brown, challenges the societal construct of race. Generations of humans have classified and differentiated people by the color of skin, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and many more factors. However, the idea of the piece is that at the end of the day, when we take away the labels, the classifications, the discriminations, we leave ourselves with one important similarity: we are all human in our purest, simplest form. We all have the same emotions, the same needs and desires. I think this piece does a beautiful job of portraying humans in their purest form.

What do you think of this piece?