Siren Song by Lia Melia

Lia Melia

Lia Melia is an English artist like no other, as she is one of the few artists brave enough to experiment with and create her own unique techniques for making art, which pays off to a stunning effect. She will bake pigments and paints onto sheets of aluminum to create enamel-like, translucent images. This gives her pieces a stunning, fluid effect that is at once free-flowing and carefully controlled.

Like in many of her other works, Melia uses this technique to emulate the sea in Siren Song. The liquid quality of the baked paints creates a wonderfully fluid image of a cresting wave. It seems to be flowing and splashing just like real water. Her use of color is also striking. Besides the typical blues, greens, and grays that one would expect from a painting of the ocean, Melia also includes some gold and rust orange. Because of her technique, these colors appear as different layers from one another, making her sea seem as deep and varied as the ocean itself.

The title of the piece, Siren Song, alludes to the allure of the ocean that the piece provides. The ocean it depicts looks dark and dangerous, being clearly rough. However, it is also undeniably exciting and beautiful. Its layers look complex and mysterious, and the viewer cannot help but wish to dive in.

What do you think of Melia’s unique depiction?