Justyna Kopania’s Surge of Life

Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania, an artist based out of the Warszawa, focuses her paintings on subjects ranging from human figures to landscapes to visual interpretations of other creative media, especially music. She manipulates the different textures of paint to evoke tactile sensations of movement and life, creating sensory outlets of emotional release for her viewers.

This piece displays a dramatic surge of life, demonstrated by the explosive, fiery leaves of the trees in the foreground. Splatters of oranges, yellows, and reds shoot out, expelled from the thin, crisp lines of trunks and branches that contrast sharply with the playful disarray of leaves. This exquisitely textured, almost Pollock-like use of paint juxtaposes against the tame waters swirling serenely beneath the trees, conveying both the vibrancy and peace of the autumn season. The mountains in the background – stark and almost cartoonish in their flatness – provide a more rigid contrast to the organic, intermingling flow of the water.

The painting leaves the viewer with a sense of the tranquility of nature interrupted by the beautiful chaos of life. The trees transform into volatile fireworks in an otherwise calm night. With her artistic command over the paint, Kopania inspires the question: how do our own lives, trials, and tribulations mimic nature? What does it mean to be alive? Does life necessitate chaos? Kopania seems to be suggesting that both chaos and quietude are intrinsic to the natural human experience of life.

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Posted by QuattriuX on Friday, July 14, 2017