If one is to look for color, they’d be passing up the opportunity for literal goosebumps – the same kind as this anonymous photographer’s subject, a woman who captures our attention in a voyeuristic trance and makes us yearn to know more. Taken from such an angle only a few inches above the water’s surface, one could wonder if we are sharing in her experience, whatever it may be. This photo comes as immediately strikingly as her goosebumps juxtapose the calm, drifting waters.

One can even imagine her position to be strained, here, awkwardly contorted with her collar bone jutting out just a bit. Is she in the peaceful state we initially see? Does her mood truly match these calm rumbling waves, or do her goosebumps and unnatural arch indicate the calm after her storm? Her expression could be one of bliss or terror; we’d never know. Whatever the woman’s story is, we are drawn to her expressionless character even more so than the serene, slightly blurry beauty that surrounds her.

This black-and-white still shot is anything but that – it carries a chilling movement, like we can tell that the woman is drifting out from the land and clothing she once needed and instead embracing raw beauty. Her state of undress suggests freedom, and complete natural serenity. To some, she might be an idol. Just as her face remains a mystery, so does her story.

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