Plunging into the Unknown by Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is an underwater photographer based in the Bahamas who uses the waters that surround her as both inspiration for and a frequent backdrop to her photos. She showcases the human form in a graceful, almost otherworldly way by capturing it in the water, contrasting the ocean’s vastness and fluidity with our own fragile, delicate limbs.

In this piece she contrasts the deep blue of the ocean with the pale figure of a diving girl and the flurry of bubbles her dive creates. The darkness and opacity of the ocean create a sense of danger, conveying the ominous sense that the girl is plunging into the unknown and must forge a path for herself through its inky depths. Her paleness, on the other hand, seems to symbolize purity and innocence; she stands out as a beacon of light in the dark. The graceful curve of her body gives this piece a sense of tranquility. She is not fighting her way through this vast ocean, but serenely gliding through as if the currents are parting for her. The bubbles trailing behind her give the piece a sense of motion and purpose, breaking up the monotony of the water and giving the girl’s path a new energy.

Kalis seems to suggest the perseverance of light in our lives, even when we seem to be at the bottom-most depths of the deepest and darkest of oceans. This girl may not know where she is going, and she might be afraid, but she is still a graceful figure of light in the darkness. Even if no one were there to take her picture, she would still be making her way through the deep blue unknown, paving her way with bubbles full of light. Luckily, though, Elena Kalis has captured the moment.

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