Fascination with Dima Dmitriev

The paintings of Russian artist Dima Dmitriev often explore the peaceful interactions that occur between humans and nature. He portrays the great beauty of these interactions by using a color scheme made up of the bright, serene colors of nature. In this painting, titled Fascination, Dmitriev portrays the sense of wonderment that humans feel when confronted with the vastness of nature’s beauty.

Dmitriev begins creating the titular sense of fascination through the painting’s point of view. The viewer is to be looking upward with a sense of wonderment which is enhanced by depriving the viewer of a sense of scale. The viewer’s gaze is completely taken up by the forest and the sky with nothing in the surroundings to give an idea of exactly how tall the trees are, or how far the forest stretches. As a result of this disorientation, the viewer is completely immersed in the image without any distractions. This allows for the viewer to fully contemplate and appreciate the majesty of the scene they are witnessing. Dmitriev highlights this majesty by intermingling the deep red of the leaves with the shifting blue of the sky to the point that there is no clearly defined border of where the trees end and the sky begins. It is almost as if the eyes through which we are viewing the scene have lost themselves in the infiniteness of the forest. Such experiences can allow us to step out of ourselves momentarily and take in the world without worrying about how we factor into it.

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