Passion with Rikka Ayasaki

Ayasaki began her artistic education by studying ink wash painting, which values precision and psychological appeal in black and white renderings. After moving to Paris to continue studying art, she expanded her style to include oil painting, which are more colorful and intend to appeal to our physical senses. With a blended stylistic background, Ayasaki’s work influences us both physically and psychologically. In this painting, she welcomes us to a magical sunset.

Pastel pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues swirl about the sky, drawing us further into the painting. As we sense these colors wrapping around us, we can nearly smell the fresh, sweet air, feel the setting sun’s warmth on our skin, and hear the wind whirling past us. Upon realizing that we have been taken to this fantasy world instead of being alarmed, we are at peace. Perhaps this is because of Ayasaki’s command over the psychological influence of colors. Though this painting radiates calm, it is paired with incomparably intense physical sensations. This passion is refreshing, warming us as the outside world whirls around us; although it seems as though these feelings should be overwhelming us, Ayasaki seems to suggest that embracing our passions is how we remain calm and focused. Without the inner tranquility brought on by following our passions, our physical experience of the painting would differ tremendously. The sun’s warmth would be a dreaded heat, the wind would strike us and howl and our outlook would be joyless and bleak.

Are you following your passions?

Passion with Rikka Ayasaki
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Passion with Rikka Ayasaki
Ayasaki seems to suggest that embracing our passions is how we remain calm and focused.
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