Enlightenment with Christian Vizl

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Christian Vizl is an active member of the marine environment, working as a cave diver, diving instructor, sailor, marine archeologist and sharing his experience of the underwater world through his award-winning photographs. He celebrates the ocean and all of the life it contains through his emphasis on light. In this piece, a member of his Finding Yourself series, the diver rises through the water in the middle of an overpowering light with open arms.

Light rains down from space, through the sky, past trees, plants, and people, into the water where we can see it surrounding the diver. With Vizl’s use of light, he reminds us of the greatness and the power that we associate with it. The water is just as full of life as the land is, allowing individuals—like the diver—the self-discovery they require to grow and mature as people. Vizl could be suggesting that we find this life-enriching illumination in the world we live in, instead of from otherworldly sources.

The diver approaches this new knowledge about herself that she finds in the light without caution or hesitation. Her arms are open so that she can embrace the truest version of herself. With her head tilted up, she faces the source of knowledge and light. As the diver opens up her arms and accepts the light the more she ascends and the closer she gets to enlightenment.

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Behind the Mask 2016

‘So that the possible may arise, the impossible must always be attempted.’ – Hermann Hesse

2016 was a hell of a ride. We feel blessed to be able to follow our passion … meeting inspiring people, seeing unique places and get to interact with the animals of our beautiful planet. As we shall never forget that this is the only one we have.

Thank you very much to all the great people we had the honour to work with: Amanda Cotton Amos Nachoum, Robert Wilpernig, Lachlan McPherson, Peter Schneider, Uwe Schubart, Nik Linder, Christian Back, Mario Medarevic, Macer Racer, Gian Paolo Fanchini, Johannes Hennicke, Werner Steiner, Florian Niethammer, Octavio Valdés Eguía Lis, Melanie Gayer, Al Curry, Tony Meyer, Pierre Robert de Latour, Olav Magne Strømsholm, Timo Dersch. We are very much looking forward to see all of you again in 2017.

Special thanks to our partners: A Cotton Photo, BigAnimals Expeditions, WIRODIVE Tauch- und Erlebnisreisen, HECS aquatic, Keldan Lights, UW-Fotopartner, GoPro,, B&W outdoor.cases, Ocean Technology Systems, Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, Dive World

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Enlightenment with Christian Vizl
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Enlightenment with Christian Vizl
The diver approaches this new knowledge about herself that she finds in the light without caution or hesitation.
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