Emotions, Painting

Wrath with Andreja Hojnik Fišić

While Croatian artist Andreja Hojnik Fišić has never received any formal artistic education, she learned figuration and color under the instruction of renowned painter Dino Trtovac. This practical understanding of color and composition is evident in her paintings. Her works are heavily dependent on texture and abstraction, rather than realistic portrayals, to convey emotion and significance. Fišić stresses the physicality of the paint to create both depth and visceral presence. She is especially renowned for her 1987 collection of almost entirely white paintings, which were devoid of color and depended on the textures created from her thick applications of white paint in order to create visual interest.

Fišić bases her paintings on her everyday contemplation of the reality she perceives around her. She has said that art is the air she breathes and the medium through which she records moments of her life. This particular work is demonstrative of her bold method. The red paint is intensely carnal: the visceral scarlet stream is reminiscent of a deep and bloody wound carved into skin, or perhaps an explosive flow of molten lava that has ripped through the otherwise calm earth. The painting evokes a raging wrath: the intense physicality of the paint makes the canvas almost sculptural in its forcefulness and level of presence. The unnatural, stark white background indicates that the painting does not depict reality, but rather the surreal realm of the subconscious, where emotions such as anger reside. Fišić’s use of colors and textures stimulates our subconscious, provoking it into manifesting itself in our current realities. This striking artistic method evokes an intensely emotional reaction in its viewers.

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