Digital Art

Toxic Relationships with Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis is known for creating incredible pieces of 3d art that offer distinctive interpretations of uniquely human experiences. Despite its often abstract style, Martinakis’ art thrives on capturing the beauty found in life’s important moments. In this piece, titled “Puente”, Martinakis seems to be depicting a failing relationship that both of the subjects are unable to walk away from.

The intimacy between the two subjects can be seen in the way Martinakis positions them leaning their heads upon each other. While this hint of intimacy is present, the two are clearly straining to maintain it, as they are literally bending over backwards to maintain the small amount of physical contact they have left. Their last vestige of intimacy is also greatly overshadowed by the vast distance between them, as represented by the large arc of negative space that is present between their bodies. In this space, it is highly telling that they seem to be taking great effort to keep their hands separate, despite the opportunity for physical contact. Despite the distance between the two, something continues to hold them together, as represented by the golden chain binding their arms together.

Despite the beauty of these clashing colors, it is clear that the two are suffering as a result of their refusal to let go of each other. Their mouths are both open in expressions that seem to indicate pain and exhaustion. Martinakis seems to be saying that while such ailing relationships might a retain a surface beauty, the truly beautiful moment will be when the two are able to let go and move on. With these sentiments, Martinakis compels the viewers to examine their lifes and meditate on whether or nor their relationships are truly improving  their lives, or whether they holding each individual back.

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